Day of Caring

            Staff and students go out to various city and community locations to do yard clean up, highway clean up, gardening, tilling, painting, window cleaning, etc. Students will work on community projects in the morning and early afternoon.  They will be rewarded for their hard work with an ice cream bar and accumulate 5 hours of community service.  If you know of any elderly, disabled, or community members who are unable to do their own yard clean up, let them know we can offer assistance to them. You can call the RLCC high school in Oklee at 796-5136 to ask for assistance on your project. You may mail requests to Day of Caring, RLCC School, 100 Governor Street, Oklee, MN 56742. You may also email Applications for projects can be obtained by stopping in or calling the Oklee site at 796-5136. The deadline for application requests is over for 2016, but getting an early request for next year is always possible .

Contact: Randy Pederson