About Me- Favorites-
Name-Brandon Lee Sport- Football & NASCAR
Nickname- Beast Lee Cartoon Character- Bugs Bunny
Astrological Sign- Pisces Food/Drink- Mountain Dew
Parents/Guardian- Jack & Tracy Lee Movie- Talladega Nights
Siblings- Jack Lee Book- The Outsiders
Future Plans- Go to BSU for teaching Video Games/ Tech Item- Madden
Pet Pride- Lynsey Morris Present- PS4
Pet Peeve- People chewing with their mouth open Actor/Actress- Tom Cruise
Nobody knows that i- put makeup on sometimes Song/Band- Florida Georgia Line
Weird habit- Chewing my fingernails TV Show- Orange is the New Black
Biggest fear- Losing important people in my life School Subject- I like all my classes
Hobby- Drawing and Playing Games Restaurant- Texas Road House
Embarrassing Moment- When I passed gas really loud in Mrs. Nelson class during story time. Store- Sam's Club
Memorable Time- 11/17/15 Website- Youtube.com
Place i would like to visit- Daytona Beach, Florida