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The classroom is ready for a brand new year! We will be starting with the letter Ee: eat, elephant, engine, ears, eyes, eggs and earth. See if you can fine this letter on things around the house!! We are planning on reading books, singing songs, exploring learning stations, playing math games, rotating table jobs, enjoying library time with Mrs. Sorenson, playing outside, playdough time, boost-up time, snack time, and lots of free play.

We will be sending home book bags in both classes

take time to read and ask questions (who, what, where, when and how) every day!! Fun sheets will be sent home during the week. Follow your childs lead if they are ready to complete the whole sheet or part of it.

*** Remember to label all items that belong to your child and send an extra set of clothes in their backpack (it can stay in the room if you want). We also need to have tennis shoes on when we play in the gym.

Days: September 12-13-14-19-20-21-26-27-28

We will be looking at the letter: "Ee"

Young Group:

Friends books, "Eating the Alphabet" book, "It is Me" book, strawberry game, what food is missing? Game, stringinf fruit loops, water colors on eggs, neon playdough, counting peanuts game, hiding an egg under different colored houses and much more!!


Older group:

Calendar time, morning message, "It is Me" book, chalk and chalk boards, what vegetable is missing? game, gray snips on an elephant, science experiments, mat man song and drawings, smartboard activities, journal book time, guessing jar, "What is it?"bag, and much more!!


Volunteers are welcome!! Questions?? Give me a call or e-mail:



September RLCC ECFE Family Fun Night:

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch near McIntosh

Tuesday, September 19th

Plummer Bus leaving at 5:30 PM (465-4222) meeting up

with the Oklee bus at about 5:45 PM (796-5136)

Call in to register!!

Questions:  School number 465-4222 ext. 218 or home 698-4449 or
E-mail: mhamrum@rlcc.k12.mn.us 

To Raise a Reader you need to be a Reader!!

Contact: Margaret Hamrum