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We will be looking at the letter Oo and Dd this month. See if you can find these letters around the house in magazines, books, newspapers and on cereal boxes. Keep reading to your child!! It can be the same book over and over. This is very important for their future reading skills. Keep practicing rhyming words and first letter sounds with your child when you are reading.

***Note: No Wednesday class on Wednesday, October 11th and October 18th***

***This month ask your child about the pumpkins we have in the room and the costumes we will be wearing later in the month.

**Days: October 3-4-5-10-12

We will be looking at the letter: Oo

Young group:

We will be looking at the color orange, talking about pumpkins, hiding the pumpkin under colored houses, and
snipping orange paper to glue on to a pumpkin.

Older group:

Coloring orange pumpkins in a pumpkin booklet, SMART board activities, walking around the alphabet in the gym, making an
Orange Julius drink for snack, owl finger plays and books, playing pass the pumpkin, working with the oval shape,
playing color BINGO, I-pad activities and using stamp pads.


**Days: October 17-24-25-26

We will be looking at the letter: Dd

Young group:

Dog books and songs, making dog ears, decorating ducks with yellow snips of paper, Dinosaur memory game,
sorting dinosaurs and playing the farmer in the dell.

Older Group:

Playing drop the dog in the gym and Duck, Duck Goose, Dog books and songs, Starfall for the letter Dd and other
SMART board activities, I-pad activities, five little ducks song, Ugly Duckling video, donut coloring,
Word Wall activity: What begins with Dd?, dinosaur songs and books, counting dinosaurs and making a
paper Mache dinosaur egg using a big balloon.

And much more!!


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Questions:  School number 465-4222 ext. 218 or home 698-4449 or
E-mail: mhamrum@rlcc.k12.mn.us 

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