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 February is going to go fast! We are going to be looking at the letters: Nn and Zz.
We will have lots of valentine and pictures to color. Thank you to the families that have returned the Mystery Bag and the Share-a-story folder. The preschoolers really look forward to sharing what they have written and what they have put in the Mystery Bag.
We are teaching them to wait patiently for their name to be picked!!


Dates: January 30-31-February 1-6-7-8

We will be looking at the letter: "Nn"

Young Group:

Drop the peanut, number line for spinning, stringing noodles, chalk on black paper,
decorating a Valentine bag and a peanut game.

Older Group:

Number creep track, drop the peanut, using white chalk, cutting out numbers, playdough numbers,
decorating a Valentine bag, stringing noodles, making peanut butter, playing a peanut game.


Dates: February 13-14-15-20-21-22

We will be looking at the letter: "Zz"

Young Group:

Songs: Animal Action, zebra painting, making a paper plate pizza, elephant coloring, 1st    
letter sounds game, and rhyming games.

Older Group:

Zoo books, zebra painting, making zoo animals with play dough, pizza lotto, tracing and coloring a pizza,
practicing zipping, opposite game and opposite puzzle game.


And lots and lots or books that have the letter Nn and Zz!!
Be looking for these letters when you are reading.



To Raise a Reader you need to be a Reader!!


****Check your February calendar for our upcoming events for ECFE

some are at Oklee and Plummer during the month****


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To Raise a Reader you need to be a Reader!!

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