Mary Angelique A. Auman

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Mary Angelique A. ​Auman Sport-
​Badminton, Softball
Nickname- ​Angel, Gel, Asian Cartoon Character- Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender
Astrological sign- ​Leo Food/Drink- Arizona Tea
Parents/Guardian- Antoniette & Steven McPherson Movie- Harry Potter Series
Siblings- Ric Ven Anthony Auman Book- Pre-calculus: Fifth Edition
Functions and Graphs
Future Plans- ​Travel around the world Video Games/Tech Item- Drawing Tablet
Pet Peeve- ​When ice cream drips out of the bottom of the sugar cone Present- My 18th Birthday in the Philippines
Nobody knows that I- ​Buy journals and don't even use them Actor/Actress- Angelina Jolie
Weird Habit- Always have to check behind the shower curtain when going to the bathroom. Song/ Band- Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie
Hobby- ​Painting, Drawing, Photography
TV Show- Castle
Embarrassing Moment- ​Hugging a random kid at a department store, thinking it was my cousin School Subject- Robotics
Memorable Time- Seeing my class for the first time while they were in phy. ed. and thinking that they all look the same. Word/Phrase/Saying- "Without me, you're just aweso."
Place I would like to visit- ​Paris