Alec Castaneda

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Alec Castaneda Sport- Basketball
Nickname- Castanova and Minnexas Anime Character- Vegeta
Astrological Sign- Sagittarius Food/Drink- General TSO Chicken, Funyans,  and Mountain Dew
Parents/Guardian- Travis & Monica Castaneda Movie- Dumb and Dumber, Nacho Libre, and The Love Guru
Siblings- Jocelyn Castaneda Book- Game of Thrones, Tuesdays With Morrie, and The Outsiders
Future Plans- Be an Author, Voice Actor, and a Photographer Video Games/ Tech Item- Sly Cooper on the Playstation
Pet Pride- My Lettermen' Jacket Present- PS4 and Ni​kon B500
Pet Peeve- Kids who aren't related to me Actor/Actress- Norman Reedus & Chloe Moretz
Nobody knows that I- Love the Patriots Band- Blue October
Weird Habit- Chewing around my fingernails TV Show- Dragonball Z & The Walking Dead
Biggest Fear- Death School Subject- English
Hobby- Drawing, Writing, and Video Games Word/Phrase/Saying- "If you ever dream of beating me
you better wake up and apologize." -Muhammad Ali
Embarrassing Moment- Nah Fam Restaurant- China Moon
Memorable Time- Going to Texas every 5 years Store- Hot Topic
Place i would like to visit- Cincinnati Zoo Website-