Carolyn Kehn

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Carolyn Kehn Sport- "Water" Pong
Nickname- Carol Ken, Adeline Cartoon Character- Cartmen from South Park
Astrological sign- Aquarius Food/Drink- Chinese & Chocolate Milk
Parents- Michael & Jennifer Kehn Movie- Diary of Anne Frank
Siblings- Matt Kehn Book- Red Fish Blue Fish
Future Plans- Practical Nursing Video Games/Tech Item- My Cell Phone
Pet Pride- My Cat and My Job Presents- Anything & everything i've received
Pet Peeve- My Ex Actor/Actress- Melissa McCarthy
Nobody knows that i- Jump when my toast is done Song/Band- AC/DC
Weird Habit- Thinking of an awesome comeback 4 hours later TV Show- Trailer Park Boys and Brickleberry
Biggest Fear- Losing my parents School Subject- History and English
Hobby- Hunting, Fishing, and Loving Everyday Word/Phrase/Saying- "You got a pretty mouth."
Embarrassing Moment- When Mr. Huie roasted me Restaurant- Texas Road House
Memorable Moment- Roasting Mr. Huie Store- Scheels
Place i would like to visit- California Website-