Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Biggest fear- Clowns Animal- Cat
Future plans- Go to college Movie- Drive
Siblings- Two Electronic device- My phone
Pets name- Tyrus Place to eat- Texas Road House 
Talents/good at- Move pinky toe side to side YouTuber- Liza Koshy
Live when you're older- Some place nice Social site- Snapchat
Weird fact none of my friends know about me- I'm Hispanic Color- Blue
Spirit animal- Butterfly Hair color- Blue 
Zodiac sign- Virgo Clothing brands- Ragstock
If my pet could talk, what would it say?- Can I get some ice cream? Phone brand- iPhone
My hero- Superman RLCC employee- Ms. Hamrum
Nickname- Sarbear Car brand- Jeep
Words to live by- Be stranger than you were yesterday Class during HS years- Yearbook
"Old Person" thing I do- Go to bed at 8PM Weather/Seasons- Fall
Spiciest thing I've eaten- Louisiana hot sauce Song/Artist- Chainsmokers
  App- Amazon
  Hobby- Going to the movies 
  Board game- Sorry
  Holiday- Thanksgiving

Contact: Sarah Christensen