Taylor Bushelle

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Taylor Bushelle Sport- Basketball & Softball
Nickname- Tay, Bush, T-Bushy Food = Sushi and Waffles
​Drink = Coffee and Water
Astrological Sign- Libra Movie- The Lorax/ The Grinch/ The Great Gatsby
Parents/Guardian- Jesse & Tiffany Bushelle Book- Ender's Game
Siblings- Alexxis Rosnow, Morgan, Brett, & Stellan Bushelle
Carissa, Ally, and Gabbie Goodmanson
Actor/Actress- Leonardo DiCaprio
Future Plans- Attend college for pre-law/political science
and eventually go on to get a law degree and become a lawyer.
Song/Artist- Nickelback
Pet Peeve- Rude People and complainers TV Show- One Tree Hill/  The 100/ Grey's Anatomy
Biggest Fear- SNAKES!!!!!!! School Subject- Physics/Chemistry
Hobby- Horseback Riding/ Painting Restaurant- Little Bangkok
Place I would like to visit- Greece