Megan Berberich

About Me Favorites
Name- Megan Berberich Sport- Volleyball & Softball
Nickname- Meg Cartoon Character- Petrie from
Land Before Time
Astrological Sign- Sagittarius Food/Drink- Watermelon
Parents/Guardian- Corey Berberich and
Samantha & Justin Lunsetter
 Movie- 8 seconds
Siblings- Alexis & Taylor Berberich Book- Hatchet
Future Plans- Become a Registered Nurse Video Games/Tech item- Super Mario
Pet Peeve- Lazy people Present- Hunting Rifle from grandparents
Weird Habit- I love cleaning Actor/Actress- Zac Efron
Biggest Fear- Mice Song/Band- Shania Twain
Hobby- Being with friends & family TV Show- One Tree Hill
Embarrassing Moment- Every time I've had to
public speak
School Subject- Anatomy
Memorable Time- Going to California Word/Phrase/Saying- "Love you more"
Place i would like to visit- Myrtle Beach Restaurant- Red Lobster
  Store- Target
  Website- Quizlet