Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Biggest fear- Snakes and Spiders Animal- Dog
Pets name- Chevy Food- Fries
Talents/good at- Nothing Electronic device- Phone
Live when you're older- Fargo Sport- Volleyball
Weird fact none of my friends know about me- They know everything Team to watch- Rebels football
Pet Peeve- When people leave my snap un-read and don't answer Place to eat- Noodles and Company
Spirit animal- Lion Movie- Fault in our stars
Zodiac sign- Libra Music App- Pandora
If I could learn to do anything, what would it be?- Walk in heels Social site- Instagram
If I had a million dollars, what would I spend it on?- Myself Color- Purple
Makes me sad- When my check engine light comes on Hair color- Brown
Siblings- 3 sisters Clothing brand- Buckle
Who would I bring with on a deserted island?- My Boyfriend Phone brand- iPhone
My hero- Linsey Thompson RLCC employee- Mr. Paskvan
Nickname- Megzie or Maggie Flower/Plant/Tree- None, I hate flowers
Longest I've gone without sleep- Two days Car brand- Whatever one looks pretty
"Old Person" thing I do- Nap Number- Two
Spiciest thing I've eaten- Hot sauce Class during HS years- Lunch
  Town/City/Country- Duluth or California
  Weather/Seasons- Fall
  Song/Artist- Kane Brown
  App- Snapchat
  Hobby- Swimming

Contact: Sarah Christensen