About Me - Favorite -
Name - Deidra Walton Sport - Ping Pong
Nickname - Swaggy G Food/Drink - Pocky and Italian Soda
Astrological Sign - Leo Movie - Any Novel Movie
Parents/Guardian - Krista and Joe Walton Book - Fullmetal Alchemist series
Siblings - Sammy, Kjersten, and Abby Walton Tech - Mario Kart on Nintendo
Future Plans - To be Announced Present - Gravity Falls Journal
Pet Pride - My sense of humor and my eyebrows Actor/Actress - Steve Carell and Amy Pohler
Pet Peeve - Pessimists Song/Band - All Star and Imagine Dragons
Nobody knows that I - am secretly plotting to take over the world TV Show - Gravity Falls
Weird Habit - Getting lost in my own thoughts too easily School Subject - Robotics
Biggest Fear - Hillary Clinton becoming President Word/Phrase/Saying - "Wubba lubba dub dub" - Rick Sanchez
Hobby - Drawing Restaurant - Hu Hots
Embarrassing Moment - I got into a bike accident because I was trying to blow a mosquito off my shoulder SWebsite - Ifunny.com
Memorable Time - Going to Canada  
Place I would like to visit - Paris, France