Nickname - Lynz and Webkinzmaster 101 Sport - "Waterpong" and NASCAR
Astrological Sign - Capricorn Cartoon Character - Marvin the Martian and Flower and Thumper from Bambi
Parents/Guardian - Kristie Olson Food - Lasagna or anything with cheese
​Drink - Blue Bug Juice and McDonalds Sweet Tea
Siblings - Kaitlyn, Peyton, and Mason Movie - I like a lot of movies
Future Plans - Go to Northland/BSU - Nursing Book - The Outsiders and The Giver
Pet Pride - My 1,000 cats Video Games/Tech Item - Happy Wheels
Pet Peeve - Everything annoys me Present - Anything my mom gets me
Nobody knows that I - Am plotting to take over the world with Dede Actor/Actress - Johnny Depp and Amy Schumer
Weird Habit - Tucking myself under the covers so monsters can't get me Song/Band - Country, Eric Church
Biggest Fear - IT the clown is going to get me when I'm sleeping Tv Show - Brickleberry or Trailer Park Boys
Hobby - Spider fighting @Angel School Subject - French, Robotics, Science
Embarrassing Moment - When we were playing volleyball for P.E. and I went to hit the ball and face planted! (I wasn't the only one) Word/Phrase/Saying - "You know what you know"
​"If you ain't first you're last"
Memorable Time - Everyday I've gotten to spend with all of my nice and caring classmates <3 Restaurant - Texas Road House
Place I would like to visit - Anywhere besides Minnesota Store - Scheels or Cabela's

Website - Google or Sparknotes