Natalie Aakhus

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Natalie Aahkus Sport- Hockey
Nickname- Nat Cartoon character- Arthur
Astrological sign- Scorpio Food/Drink- Curly Fries, Starbucks Refresher
Parents/Guardian- Bobbi & Jason Aakhus Movie- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Siblings- Allison Aakhus Book- Jurassic Park
Future Plans- Pre-medicine Video Games/Tech item- Crash Bandicoot
Pet Pride- Positivity Present- Quality time
Pet Peeve- When people don't use the Oxford Comma Actor/Actress- Dede Walton
Nobody knows that I- Make too many lists Song/Band- Panic! At the Disco
Weird habit- Playing with my hair TV Show- New Girl
Biggest Fear- Losing the people I care about School Subject- Statistics
Hobby- Reading Word/Phrase/Saying- "Fall seven times, Stand up eight."
Embarrassing Moment- When I said something funny and no one laughed, so I thought no one heard me so I repeated myself just for someone to say "Why did you say that twice?" Restaurant- Arby's
Memorable Time- The book club from my sophomore year. Store- Pink
Place I would like to visit- Kashiba, Nara Perfecture, Japan
(Where Yuma Lives)
Website- Facebook