Talon Porter

About Me- Favorites-
Name- Talon Porter Sport- Basketball
Nickname- Porter, TP Cartoon character- Scooby Doo
Astrological sign- Scorpio Food/Drink- BLT's
Parents/Guardian- Kristi Nelson Movie- Dirty Grandpa
Siblings- Charlie, Kaleb Book- Series of Unfortunate Events
Future Plans- Get Rich Video Games/ Tech item- Call of Duty
Pet Pride- I like people who are not followers Present- Gift of life
Pet Peeve- Liars Actor/Actress- Will Ferrell
Nobody knows that I- Like to be alone Song/Band- All Kinds
Weird habit- Biting my nails. TV show- The Blacklist
Biggest Fear- Drowning School subject- Lunch
Hobby- Playing Basketball Word/Phrase/Saying- "Do what you think is right not what others think  you should do."
Embarrassing Moment- Getting kicked out of head start for not napping. Restaurant- Buffalo Wild Wings
Memorable Time- My 18th Birthday Store- Walmart
Place i would like to visit- Space or Hawaii Website- Nikeid.com