Makay Berns

About Me Favorites
Name- Makay Berns Sport- Basketball, Football
Nickname- Berner, McGoober, Big Mac, and Makah Food/Drink- Buffalo Wings &
Mozzarella Sticks
Astrological sign- Cancer Movie- The Longest Yard
Parents/Guardian- Gin & Jon Berns Video Games/ Tech item- NBA 2K/ IPhone
Siblings- Mcualli & Madison Berns Present- My hamster from my sisters
Future Plans- Become a musical artist Actor/Actress- Adam Sandler
Pet Peeve- People that chew loud Song/Band- Too many/ I love all music
Weird habit- I sing everywhere TV Show- Impractical Jokers
Biggest fear- Spiders, Heights School Subject- Choir
Hobby- I love to sing & play guitar Restaurant- BDub's
Memorable time- Blowing out my knee
my 3rd week in football
Website- Snapchat
Place I would like to visit- The entire world